Investment Process

Maynard Investment Management's approach is a client focused advisory process centered on active management of a diversified portfolio. We believe that a central plan is the best framework for developing ad managing each client's investing strategy. We take great pride in our systematic, disciplined 5-step investment process. This process has served our clients well in both up and down markets.

We execute our strategy through the use of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds to obtain maximum diversification.

Our Investment Process-A Personalized plan for building and managing wealth.

Step # 1-Create an action plan: A comprehensive, integrated program designed around your goals and objectives as identified through an extensive profile and risk tolerance assessment. You, the client, define success for your portfolio. Together, we achieve it.

Step # 2-Analyze your situation: A thorough analysis of your unique investment objectives, sensitivity to risk and tax circumstances.

Step # 3-Investment Strategy Proposal: We will provide an Investment Policy Statement ("IPS") along with a recommendation of your optimal mix of asset classes and investment styles.

Step # 4-Using your IPS as a guide we will construct a portfolio that meets your investment objectives and tax considerations.

Step # 5-We will continually monitor your portfolio as financial markets change. Further, we will review your action plan systematically to determine if there is a change to your goals and objectives.

Each quarter we will send you a full report on how your portfolio performed and the current asset allocations versus the various benchmarks in your IPS. In addition, you will receive regular statements from your custodian providing a record of all account. The choice of custodian is determined by the client. However, we will, upon request provide you several recommendations of reputable custodians.

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