What Sets Us Apart

We focus on an integrated and customized approach to investment management. Our clients are individuals with diverse financial needs. We analyze the client's whole financial picture from present day to retirement and estate goals.

We maintain an awareness of tax effects on investment performance. Because of our approach, we have a relatively low level of turnover within client accounts. This tends to minimize capital gain liabilities. In addition, we review all taxable and non-taxable accounts to determine where there are tax optimization or distribution opportunities.

We maintain low, asset based fees. Our fees are based upon a percentage of assets under management. This insures that our interests are always aligned. Further, we continue to look at our firm's cost structure and the fees of our competitors to insure we we are providing the best possible value-added advice.

We maintain the highest level of integrity. We avoid conflicts of interest. To that end, we don't sell any financial products, tax shelters or insurance. If a client situation calls for a particular product we search out and recommend what is best for the client. All of our decisions are based solely on what is best for the client. As a firm and as individuals, we are subject to the CFA Institute and Certified Financial Planning Board Code of Ethics. Many consider these codes the gold standard in the industry.

We use plain English. We strive to avoid jargon common to the financial industry. Our objective is to communicate the facts in a clear, understandble fashion.

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